The Message of the Chairman

The message of the chairman

Dear business and solution partners,
Dear colleagues,

We are in an age where Eurasia is rising in many fields, especially in economy. The center of worldwide production has shifted to Asia.

Acting on this fact, we planned the goals of our company according to the role that Turkey will play and the route it takes. The only way out of our national economy is to be a productive Turkey. In this context, we attach importance to the financing of production projects of Turkish companies in Turkey and abroad. We have established serious cooperation in providing project financing from Eurasian countries and started to offer them to the benefit of Turkish companies.

As Görev Investment, we provide services to other companies of the Görev Holding family in investment projects with our expert staff.

At the same time, within the scope of our solution partnership with the Central Russian Investment Council in Russia, we direct Turkish companies towards investment projects and opportunities in this country, and even establish partnerships with these companies.

We are also active in finding investors from Eurasian countries, especially China, for large-scale projects and strategic sectors in our country.

We believe that we will make Görev Investment one of the most effective and reliable companies in its field, relying on the opportunities of our country and the strategic relations of Görev Holding. We are aware that we will reach the goal of producing Turkey together with you.

Best regards,

Hüseyin Tugay Şen
Chairman of the Board