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About Us

Görev Investment Inc. is a 100% Görev Holding company. We carry out activities in different fields through our expert staff in the departments of our company.

We are trying to make Turkish companies benefit from the financing opportunities of contracted financial institutions in China (Hong Kong), Singapore, Russia and Luxembourg for their production projects and investments. We are aware that our biggest contribution to the Turkish economy will be to provide financing for production from Asia.

In addition to financing services, investment management and consultancy is one of our fields of activity. In accordance with our agreement with the Central Russian Investment Council, which is currently established in Russia, we are evaluating investment opportunities in this country together with prominent Turkish companies in their fields. We also work with our Chinese and other foreign solution partners on investment projects in Turkey. At the same time, transportation, infrastructure, logistics, etc. in Turkey or the countries where our partners are located. We perform business development, management and matching functions for projects.Inc